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Сообщение strеlec » 23 май 2013, 21:50

Подскажите друзья историю и пробег.

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Сообщение smolnik1 » 04 сен 2013, 21:29

WAUZZZ4B12N043701 Может кто пробьет по вину. зарание спасибо.

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Сообщение Easyrider » 20 сен 2013, 02:26

smolnik1 писал(а):WAUZZZ4B12N043701 Может кто пробьет по вину. зарание спасибо.


Данные автомобиля:

Номер шасси WAUZZZ4B12N043701
Модель Audi A6 1,9 TDI
Дата производства 29.09.2001
Модельный год 2002
Идент. Продавца 4B206C
Буквенное обозначение двигателя AVF
Буквенное обозначение КП FRK
Идентификатор привода осей 6S
Оснащение LE
Цвет крыши N5
Наружная краска / Номер краски N5 / Y5X
Activated carbon canister 1E0 Without activated charcoal canister
Additional child seat anchors 3B0 Without additional child seat anchor
Additional dust seals 6U0 Without additional seals outside
Additional tires (winter tires) 2WA Without additional tires
Air bag 4UE Air bag for driver and front seat
Anti-theft protection system 7AA Electronic vehicle immobilization device
Antifreeze 1C1 Antifreeze up to -25 degree celsius
tolerance up to -30 degree C
Audio-response system/voice control QH0 Without voice control
Auxiliary heating 9M0 Without auxiliary/parking heater
Base engine T9J 4-cylinder diesel engine 1.9 L
unit 038.K
Batteries J0R Battery 380 A (80 Ah)
Body measures 5C0 Without special body measures
Body style K8B Notchback
Brake type, front 1LB Disc brakes, front
Brake type, rear 1KD Disc brakes, rear
Breakaway interior mirror 4L2 Dipping breakaway interior rear view
Bumper systems 2K1 Reinforced bumpers
Carrier frequency for radio remote control 5D1 Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
Cassette and CD storage unit 4W0 Without cassette and CD storage unit
CD changer/CD player 7A0 Without CD changer/CD player
CD ROM/DVD/SD card 7QA Without CD/DVD for navigation
Center armrest 6E0 Without center armrest front
Center rear seat belts 3C7 3-point seat belt for center rear seat
Child bench 3V0 Without child bench
Child seats QA0 Without child seat
Component part sets with country-specific design requirements B0A Component parts set without
country-specific design requirement
Components with special surface appearance 6FB Body-colored exterior mirror housings
Cruise control 8T0 Without cruise control system (CCS)
Customized installation FC0 Without customized installation
Danger alarm system VY0 Without danger alarm system
Dashboard 4N0 Standard dashboard
Delivery equipment 2A4 Delivery equipment for shipment (transit
coating) with thick seat cover
Door and lid locking system 4K4 Radio remote controlled central locking
Double-size standard radio/dual-view display 2T0 Without double-sized standard (DIN)
Drive layout 1X0 Front wheel drive
Emission standard 0GE Emission standard EU3
Engine cooling system 8Z5 Not hot country
Engine specifications D3E 4-cyl. turbo diesel engine 1.9 L/96 kW
TDI with pump-jet injection system
Base engine is T9J
Equipment levels A8S Standard equipment
Exterior mirror setting 6XD Exterior mirrors: electrically
Exterior noise suppression measures 2B1 Additional exterior noise suppression
First aid kit / warning triangle 1T3 First aid kit with warning triangle
Front license plate carrier 6W5 Front license plate carrier
Front seats Q1A Standard front seats
Front underbody guard 1SA Without additional front underbody guard
Fuel quantity for initial filling 1Z0 Initial standard fuel filling
Fuel systems 0F3 Fuel system for diesel engine
Gearshift boot/cover 6R2 Leather gearshift boot
Gearshift knob/handle 6Q2 Leather gearshift knob/handle
General operating permit, alterations C18 Operating permit, alteration
Generators 8GU Alternator 140 A
Hand brake lever handle 6PC Leather hand brake lever handle
Handling standard production and pre-production series FA0 Control of standard production
Hands-free system VX0 Without hands-free system
Headlight 8JH Ellipsoidal headlight
for driving on the right
Headlight activation 8K0 Without special headlight
Headlight washer system 8X0 Without headlight washer system
Headlight-range adjustment 8Q1 Headlight-range adjustment
Heat accumulator system/additional heater 7E6 Electric auxiliary air heater
Heating and air conditioning system 9AK Climatronic with impact pressure
control free of cfc
Identification plates 1EX Special identification plate for EC
for M1 passenger vehicle
Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel/fuel type 2G0 Without insert for the filling up of
Inserts 5ME Vavona wood insert "amber", high-gloss
Installation parts for engine (engine mount system) 1VG Installation parts for four-cylinder
Instrument inserts U2B Instrument insert with km/h speedometer,
radio-controlled clock, tachometer, trip
odometer and additional instruments
Label for central electric 0W1 Label for central electric
German-speaking countries
Leather parts scope 3HA Without leather parts scope
Left exterior mirror 5SL Left exterior mirror: aspherical
Lock operation for tailgate/trunk lid 4E0 Tailgate/trunk lid unlocking
from outside
Lockable wheel bolts 1PC Wheel bolts with anti-theft protection
Luggage compartment floor covering 6SS Luggage compartment floor covering
Luggage compartment lining 5A5 Trunk lining, with stowage trays
Lumbar support 7P0 Without lumbar support
in seat backrests
Moldings 4ZB Bright moldings
Multi-function display/trip computer 9Q2 Multi-function display/on-board computer
with check control
Navigation device 7Q0 Without navigation device
Owner's manuals 0VC Information kit in German
Paint preservative/transit coating 5K1 Paint preservative (wax)
Park distance control 7X0 Without park distance control
Partition 3CA Without partition
Quattro GmbH FQ0 Standard production wheels
Radios 8UD Radio "concert"
Rear axle 0N1 Standard rear axle
Rear cargo area 3GA Without cargo area
Rear fog light 8TC Rear fog light for driving on the right
Rear headrests 3Q6 Three rear headrests
Rear seats 3NZ Rear seat bench unsplit, backrest split
Rear trim panel 6V1 Rear trim panel (ECE)
Remote-controlled garage door opener VC0 W/o remote-controlled garage door opener
Right exterior mirror 5RU Right exterior mirror: convex
(large viewing field)
Roll-up sun screen for rear and side windows 3Y0 Without roll-up sun screen
Roof insert/convertible top 3FE Electric slide/tilt sunroof
with sun screen/sunblind
Roof rails/roof load rack 3S0 Without roof rails/roof load rack
Safety certificate 0LW Special plates/stickers/
safety certificates for Germany
Scuff plates 7M1 Scuff plates in door apertures with
metal inserts
Seat adjustment 3PF Electric height adjustment for both
front seats
Seat belt check 9P0 Without seat belt reminder
Seat covering N1H Leather seat covering
Seat heater 4A3 Seat heater for front seats
separately controlled
Self-collection / special control A00 No self-collection
Shock absorption/suspension, chassis 1BA Standard suspension/shock absorption
Side air bag 4X3 Side air bag front with curtain air bag
Side and rear windows 4KC Side and rear windows in heat-insulating
Sill top/sill cover 5E2 Sill top with door cover
Ski bag 3X0 Without load-through provision
Spare wheel/breakdown set 1G3 Alloy spare wheel with original
equipment tires
Speaker installation 9VD Speaker (active)
Special editions E0A No special edition
Special labels/plates 0ST Labels/plates in German and French
Steering 1N1 Power steering
Steering column systems 2C5 Axial and vertical adjustable steering
Steering system arrangement L0L Left-hand drive vehicle
Steering wheels 2PV Leather trimmed sports steering wheel
Tachograph/logbook 9NX Without electronic logbook
Telepay device 9B0 Without telepay device
Telephone/telematics 9W0 W/o car phone preparation/installation
Tie down straps/net/pocket 6M1 Tie down straps
Tire pressure warning light 7K0 Without tire pressure warning light
Tire suppliers V0A Tires w/o specification of tire brand
Tires H6U Tires 205/55 R16 91W
Trailer hitch 1D0 Without trailer hitch
Transit coating NT0 Transit coating (type 1)
Transmission shafts 1WD Transmission shaft for tripod joints
Transmission shafts, rear axle 1YA Without transmission shafts f. rear axle
Transmission specifications G0K 6-speed manual transmission
Transmission types/gearshift mechanisms 0G1 Gearshift lever
TV reception/digital radio reception QV0 W/o TV reception/digital radio reception
Type approval countries/countries with special requirements B01 Type approval Germany
Type sign 2Z1 Type sign at rear
and "Quattro" nameplates respectively
Vehicle class differentiation units/platform components 0DS Vehicle class differentiation 4B0
Vehicle specifications F0A No special purpose vehicle, standard
Weight category front axle 0JJ Weight category front axle
weight range 9
Weight category rear axle 0YE Weight range 5
installation control only, no
requirement forecast
Wheels CB1 Alloy wheels 5.5J x 15
Windshield glass type 4GH Windshield in heat-insulating glass
with sunshield
Windshield wiper intermittent control/ light/rain sensor 8N4 Windshield wiper intermittent control
with potentiometer (four speeds)
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Сообщение Easyrider » 20 сен 2013, 02:45

Если хотите узнать информацию про авто по VIN, пишите лично... :ok:
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Сообщение K.S.V.81 » 28 сен 2013, 09:39

Пожалуйста помогите узнать комплектацию , а именно стоял ли газ, и очень важно пробег с историей если можно.За ранее огромное СПАСИБО!!! WV2ZZZ2KZ8X151500

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Сообщение Easyrider » 10 окт 2013, 00:47

K.S.V.81 писал(а):Пожалуйста помогите узнать комплектацию , а именно стоял ли газ, и очень важно пробег с историей если можно.За ранее огромное СПАСИБО!!! WV2ZZZ2KZ8X151500

в личке
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Сообщение motorsport » 04 ноя 2013, 14:57


если можно пробейте точную дату выпуска :ok:
В закрытом обществе, где каждый виновен, преступление заключается в том, что тебя поймали.

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Сообщение GLADIATOR777 » 19 янв 2014, 13:26

Здравствуйте. Помогите пожалуйста узнать комплектацию Гольф 4 по VIN
wvwzzz1jz2w331044. Спасибо.

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Сообщение kuzmich89 » 30 янв 2014, 20:45

Мир дому Вашему), Всем привет из Белочежскай пущи)))
УРАААААА! Накопили на Мой первый авто-только нужно купить в Польше!!!!
Мужики, если есть возможность у кого, посмотрите пожалуйста месяц изготовления авто, может ещё какая инфа есть?

VIN: JTDKB20U307751957

Заранее благодарен....

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Сообщение Makc792 » 20 фев 2014, 19:38

kuzmich89 писал(а):Мир дому Вашему), Всем привет из Белочежскай пущи)))
УРАААААА! Накопили на Мой первый авто-только нужно купить в Польше!!!!
Мужики, если есть возможность у кого, посмотрите пожалуйста месяц изготовления авто, может ещё какая инфа есть?

VIN: JTDKB20U307751957

Заранее благодарен....

Дата выпуска: 01/2008

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Сообщение M.zezulkin » 04 мар 2014, 12:21

Может кто в личку скинет отчет?


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Сообщение schweps » 22 июл 2014, 00:06

Помогите пробить JTJHF31U200006402

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Сообщение Makc792 » 24 июл 2014, 21:36

schweps писал(а):Помогите пробить JTJHF31U200006402

Модель LEXUS RX300/330/350 MCU3#,GSU35
Двигатель 1MZFE 3000CC 24-VALVE DOHC EFI
Дата выпуска 04.2003
Код модели MCU35L-AWAGKW
Период выпуска 02.2003-01.2006
Код цвета кузова 8R7
Код отделки FF22
Комплектация STANDARD TYPE
Тип переключения передач ATM, 5-SPEED FLOOR SHIFT

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Сообщение Makc792 » 28 авг 2014, 19:59

1234567890-- писал(а):Пробить VF1JA04B522114890

Номер шасси VF1JA04B522114890
Модель Scenic I (J64)
JA04 – D181679
Модельный год 2000
Двигатель K4M (700) – D284509
K4M - 1.6 16v
Коробка передач JB3 (956) – C065733
Заводской номер двигателя D284509
Заводской номер коробки передач C065733
Климатический пояс Умеренный климат
Код технических особенностей. \24/
Материал колесных дисков Алюминий
Обивка сидений (см. новую табличку или каталог запасных частей 101) DRAP08
Подвеска с усиленной амортизацией SUSNOR-Нормальная подвеска
Размещение рулевого колеса Левостороннее
Тип двигателя K4M
Тип крыши Стандартная
Тип системы кондиционирования воздуха. Автоматическая система кондиционирования воздуха
Уровень комплектации E2
Цветовая гамма салона HARM02
Электромагнитное запирание замков дверей Центральный замок с электроприводом и блокировкой ручек

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